Decorating FAQ

How much does it cost to decorate my house?
Our pricing averages to around $5 per foot for most items. The total cost depends on the size of your house, the amount of lights you want, and what you want decorated. Total cost including installation, lights, labor, and teardown can range from $500 for a few strings of lights on your roof up to several thousand dollars for more extravagant displays.
When will you install my lights?
For Halloween, we can install anytime up to October 26th. For Christmas, we can install anytime up to December 1st. For all other holidays and events, please contact us for installation dates.
Where do you purchase your lights?
All of the lights for your home are purchased brand new and custom fit to match your home. We partner with multiple lighting businesses across the country to ensure you always get the best deal, while still ensuring you receive a high-quality product. We custom cut everything from extension cords to light strings to perfectly fit your home. You will own all of the lights once the season is over so, if you choose, you can decorate on your own with the same lights the next year!

Show FAQ

How many lights do you have running on the show?
During the final show in 2019, we had over 40,000 lights!
How high is your electric bill for the show?
Though we don't know the actual amount, due to using electricity around the house as well as the show, we estimated it to be less than $25 to power the show for 45 days. We used 100% LED lights in our show which helped cut down on the power costs enormously.
How do you control all these lights?
We use two softwares called Light-O-Rama and xLights to run the show. The software and controllers are basically computerized light switches.
How long does it take to set everything up?
In 2019, we completed installation of the Christmas show in a record 5 days!!!(compared to typically 18 days)