Lights of Winter (LOW), the original show, was originally created as a computerized Christmas light show in Plant City, FL featuring over 40,000 lights that danced to music!

LOW was started in 2008 with a generic store-bought 6 channel light controller with around 1,900 lights.

In 2013, we moved to a new house and added over 1,800 lights by putting up 6 strands of 6 different colors on each section of the roof (bringing our total to over 4,750 lights), 3 led par cans, and 2 Light-O-Rama computerized light controllers with 6 songs lasting 21 minutes.


In 2014, we moved once again and added 4 new songs (bringing the total length to over 32 minutes), 2 more light controllers, an FM transmitter and over 3,500 lights (bringing our total to over 10,000 lights!) by creating 5 "dancing" columns!


In 2015, we added 2 new songs, a 20-ft. mega-tree with over 5,000 lights, a new FM transmitter, 50 strobes and our neighbors house with over 10,000 lights! This will more than double our light count to over 26,000 LED lights!!!


In 2016, we added 2 new songs, 4 new "candy cane" arches (arches with 2 colors, red and white), and 50 more strobes bringing our total light count to over 35,000 Christmas lights!!!


In 2017, for our 5th year we made the show bigger, brighter, and better than ever! We added 2 new colors to our mega tree, redesigned our layout to make the show more expansive over the property, redesigned the neighbors house layout, 1 new song, and over 1,700 pixels to our roofline! Pixels are RGB (red, green, blue) bulbs that can be changed to over a million different color combinations to create incredible effects and patterns for a dazzling new show!


In 2018, we did not add any songs. This year we primarily focused on maintenance of our existing inventory of lights, and added an additional 1000 pixels to enhance our porch columns. This year we were also hired to install lights on 2 other homes in Plant City!


In 2019, as a direct result of being hired to install light on 2 additional homes in 2018, we created a holiday decorating company called Lights of Winter LLC. All Lights of Winter events are now labeled as a service created by this company.

Unfortunately, due to neighbor conflicts, 2019 was officially declared the final season for the original show on Bella Garden Lane. We now focus on decorating our own home in Davenport in addition to the several homes of our clients.

The song list for the final Christmas show on 1/6/2020:

Light of Christmas- Owl City (feat. TobyMac)

Christmas is Starting Now- Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Let It Go- Idina Menzel
Magical Lights
Music Box Dancer- DJ Schwede
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy- London Symphony

Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24- Trans Siberian Orchestra
Deck The Halls- Mannheim Steamroller
Mad Russian's Christmas- Trans Siberian Orchestra

First Snow- Trans Siberian Orchestra
Wizards In Winter- Trans Siberian Orchestra